It's hard to ignore the headlines reporting massive data breaches bringing companies to a stand still or worse. Cybersecurity is threats internally and externally continue to be a growing threat that doesn't just target the large global companies. The threat can be just as serious, if not more serious for small and medium sized businesses who do not have fully staffed IT Departments but still handle important business and/or client data. Cybercriminals will do anything to get their hands on sensitive data. 

Top 4 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes 

1.  Password Post-It

A post-it note stuck to the bottom of a monitor in the office is a recipe for disaster. 

3.  Outdated Security Software

Cybercriminals continue to find work arounds to old firewalls and antivirus software.

2.  Old Operating System

Technology is an important part of almost all businesses but not a priority until it's too late. 

4.  Old Employees Still Active

Lacking strong password policies and not deactivating former employees is a big risk.